Fallen Hero’s Raise over 20,000 for Military Veterans Scholarships

On October 7th 2017, over 500 participants runners/walkers managed to raise over $20,000  at Wade Walker Park in Stone Mountain,Ga by participating in Capt. Derek Dobogai and Lt. Col Robert Baldwin 5th Annual Fallen Hero’s 5k Run/Walk.  The event designed as a fundraiser for the Fallen Hero’s Scholarship Fund in honor of Capt. Derek Dobogai and Lt. Col Robert Baldwin like many who were killed in active duty. 

Dobogai, was among the 14 U.S. soldiers aboard a Black Hawk helicopter that crashed Aug. 22, 2007 in northern Iraq. Baldwin was killed Sept. 21, 2010 when his Blackhawk UH-60 helicopter carrying Navy SEALs crashed during combat operations in the Zabul province of Afghanistan.

Both hero families joined together to use these tragic situations to create a positive outcome and scholarship in their name. The scholarships focus is directed towards the supports of  veterans and service members currently enrolled in school.

According to Reginald L Stewarts of Onward and Upward Bound: Military Veterans Charge Toward Higher Education, ” Some military veterans may be underrepresented in higher education due to life adversities including homelessness, medical disabilities, substance abuse, family hardships and deficient academic skills.”  The scholarship provides a tremendous relief for veterans seeking a higher education.The scholarship and program will continue to honor the men for whom the scholarship was established, each year the event will also recognize the recipients of scholarships that are awarded in the preceding year.

The organizers rallied for participants for several month preparing for this event. The pre-registration entry fee is $25 per person and regular registration fee there eafter is $35 per person. Organizer also made it possible for people out of state to donate and have a volunteer runner participate in there place. Of course any additional donations were welcomed.

The 5k walked turned out to be a success and brought happiness to both families as they watched there fallen heroes legacy live on.

For more information on how you may donate to this Fallen Heroes Scholarship  contact Digger Oster at (309) 298-1800 or email fallenheros5k@gmail.com

Local Highschool Raise Canned Foods for Hurricane Victims

Record-breaking natural disasters  have struck our country consecutively over the past month. Countless amounts of families have been effected and counting; with overwhelming amounts of homes,cars and  properties dismantled   by these disasters it has become more apparent than ever the need to stand united as a people.

In a time such as this where our nations need the help and support of each other the most, Fulton County El Toro Highschool and local county food banks  are doing their part and extending a helping hand. On Sept 30th  El Toro Highschool partnered with the network of food banks and hosted a canned food drive parade. The parade/drive was organized in hopes of reaching a goal of sending 80,000 food items and supplies to those affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane  Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Student organizer and high school FBLA president Ashley Williams stated, “Today, we are focused not only on supporting communities impacted by disasters — but we also represent unification and know that the rebuilding starts with helping each other.”

Ashley’s statement may be true enough in regards to it being left up to citizens to help one another as over the weekend, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz  expressed devastaion in the federal governments lack to assistance  stating,”You have to remember this isn’t six days since Maria,” Cruz said. “We have had 13 or 14 days from Irma and Maria, so there are people that have had no food and no water in 14 days.” With the hurricanes hitting back to back resources have lacked and are not getting to effected communities quick enough.  CNN reported  on Sept 27 ” Fewer FEMA personnel are in place. Grassroots donations from fellow Americans are much smaller. The US territory still remains without power.”

El Toro students wishes  to help as many people as possible throughout these devastating times and have already connected with organizers in effected areas to provide as much as assistance as possible.

Lead staff organizer Tiffany Leak says, ” I am just overwhelmed in the amount of participation from the students and too see them actually excited about the changing they are making is heartwarming. ”

As of Saturday evening, El Toro Highschool reported to have collected  over 86,000 canned food items and supplies for Hurricane relief efforts, and that number is expected to grow as they continue to collect items through out the fall semester.

We hope to provide you with more updates on the El Toro Highschool food drives effort as soon as they are available.

Please consider making a donation to hurricane relief efforts. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Cheaux Love and No Genre Label Host Back 2 School Bash

Cheaux Love and No Genre Label host 2017 Back to School Bash for inner city youth.

To gear up for the 2017 school year, Cheaux Love teamed up with No Genre Label to host its 1st Annual Back to School Bash. The Bash started off with Cheaux Love sponsored Literacy Walk at 9 a.m. 701 E. Main St. to promote literacy in the inner city community. At the end of the two mile walk the gates were opened to a completely free back to school celebration open to the public.

The event was filled with inflatables for kids and teens as well as a host of vendors from government organizations and local vendors. Through out the park organizers and sponsors were stationed to service to the community offering health screenings and providing information for students and parents on educational programs in the community, lunch programs and even after school programs. Each present child received backpacks filled with various school supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, notebooks and other necessary school-related items. Local non-profit organization Project Smile provided each family in attendance with care baskets full of household items, non perishable lunch items and hygiene products.

No Genre Label president Joshua Myers said they participated because, “It is important to help our children further their education during the 2017-2018 school year, to remind them that we believe each child is the seed of brighter future and to connect teachers with the parents to show that.”

According to       , community involvement helps improves children behavior and academic success.  Although not required principals from surrounding schools encouraged teachers to come out and meet  their students and students’ parent in a non formal setting to build parent/teacher relationships.


For more information on No Genre Label and Cheaux Love upcoming community events please be sure to follow both on social media @LabelNoGenre and @Cheaux Love.

A3C Festival & Conference Brings the Hottest Artist to Atlanta


On July 7th – 9th All Three Coast Festival & Conference took over the city of Atlanta. All Three Coast Festival & Conference is the preeminent hip-hop event  and is critically coined, “hip-hop’s family reunion.” The independently produced A3C Festival & Conference birthed from regional showcases and to now an internationally recognized and nationally acclaimed hip-hop cultural experience. Designed to empower, engage and energize the community that shape and define hip-hop culture. The A3C Festival provides the best platform for artist discovery, while celebrating Hip-Hop’s trailblazers, influencers and milestones. With live performances from over 500 of Hip-Hop’s most iconic, talented and promising artists take place across 75+ shows in the Old 4th Ward and East Atlanta Village. The 2017 A3C Conference examines the intersection of Music, Technology and Culture.

Jermaine Dupri discusses his most successful moments and hardship in his musical career. (Carnes 2017.)

The A3C Conference is an unparalleled opportunity to connect and learn from Hip-Hop influencers, artists, organizations, and industry experts. The Conference Center and Pro-Audio Center was held at Loudermilk Center and SAE Institute of Atlanta, The Conference Center portion of the festival is made up of uniquely panels and mentorship sessions, live podcasts, and talent workshops. The festivals headline sit down interview was BMI Presents Conversation with Jermaine Dupri. The ballroom was filled with over 300 festival attendees all-attentive to Jermaine Dupri spilling his blueprint on becoming successful in the music industry.

Following the full day of panels, workshops and interviews, A3C partnered with Mass Appeal for evening full of over 250 musical showcases spread over Old 4th Ward venues throughout the three day festival. The festival closed on Sunday at Festival ground for a six concert filled with some of hip hop hottest artist such as Cardi B, Migos, Vic Mensa, Cyhi the Prince and many more.

For more information about this years festival and how you can participate next year be sure to visit A3C Festival.

Umoja Life : 2017 Freedom Parade

The Umoja Life 2017 Freedom Parade is an annual celebration of heritage, culture and history. The festival provides a variety of events and family activities in remembrance of the emancipation of African Americans in 1865. Attendees can watch the vibrant parade featuring dozens of community walking groups, marchers and performers or enjoy a variety of music and dance performances from local artists at the parade. The parade took place on July 1st in the historical Edgewood Ave area of Atlanta,Ga. Parade goers where entertained with featured henna artists, hair stylists, local musicians , food vendors, jewelry makers, visual artists and a host of chefs and culinary artists providing samples of tasty soul food.

Long time parade attendee Marsha Brooks says, “ I come out and bring my kids every year. I feel as though its important to recognize this celebration as African American people just as we do any other holiday. Plus coming out here and partaking in the activities gives me a since of pride for my culture and I want my kids to experience the same thing.”

With this event Umoja Life helps promote celebrates one of the greatest events that occurred in America’s history, the abolishment of slavery. The main emphasis is on commemorating our ancestors and acknowledging 150-plus years of achievements. We recognize our biggest achievements as always being our newest generations, full of promise and opportunity. The Umoja Life one-day black history Freedom Parade and a Juneteenth black history parade that invites entries from the Southeastern United States, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands.

Shunte Dennis one of the founders of Umoja Life states, “We’re going all out to promote family and community unity, children’s activities, genealogy research, black-owned-businesses, speakers, the arts and much more.”

For more more updates regarding Umoja Life future events and how to donate be sure to follow @UmojaLife on Instagram. You can also check here to check out more footage and photos of the festival.