Georgia State Panthers Host Football Media Day

One sure tell sign that the football season is in full affect  is when coaches and their respective teams host an open media day for fans and news outlets. During this time the coordinators will tell audience announcements and updates on their team. Some coaches also take the time to boost and brag on their team and pre claim this season championship. However, for Georgia State head Coach Trent Miles that is never the case. In a humbling fashion Trent Miles and his key players Keith Rucker, Penny Hart,Robert Davis and Bobby Baker tells realistic expectations of their team; which have changed over the years.

During the start of the day media and fans were allowed to sit in on there football practice to observe both offense and defense lines. In between drills fans were allowed to gather short interviews about this years football program. Mid-day Panthers faculty and students gather around to watch the annual blue and white game. The blue and white tradition is for freshman and sophomore players to compete against the more season players on the team. After the competitive game the football coordinators gathered all the media in the auditorium for a closing press conference.

During the press conference head Coach Trent Miles coined the phrase “Take the next step” as the Panthers 2016 season motto. The goal for 2016 for these Georgia State Panthers is to win the SunBelt Conference. As usual, it is a process and a one game approach that starts with the first game vs. Ball State in the Georgia Dome on 9/2.

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