Miroj Releases the First Installment of His #BMUC Documentary



With his new album, Beautiful Mind Ugly Confessions, due out September 6.2016, Miroj is picking up the promo. The Atlanta rapper is giving us a glimpse at who he is and his thought process with this video blog  #BMUC.

During this clip, Miroj once again talks about the process that goes into his new music, and how he wanted to give fans a complete body of work different from what his fans are used to. Miroj talks about his unique approach when making this mixtape. Miroj says, ” after my previous single Martial Arts not meeting my expectations it directly affected my approach in releasing this project.” Rather than working with multiple producers on the record Miroj links up with Atlanta heavy weight producer Da Kidd Half . Miroj says, ” I wanted my project to sound unified so i thought it was best to stick with one producer on this record.”

As with part one, Miroj spoke brief on what emotional elements he likes to portray in his music. Miroj says, ” I like to capture every emotion in my music…I always seek to speak the truth in my music about me and about society…”  With Miroj releasing more vulnerable music to closely connect with his fans many supporters are buzzing that this may be his best body of work yet. For more information about Miroj and the release of Beautiful Mind Ugly Confessions please follow @miroj_satie on Twitter.

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