Every Artist Needs a Karen Civil on Their Team

Every blogger wants to be Karen Civil. Why wouldn’t they want to be her? She is an influential new media princess and the head honcho of her own digital media marketing agency, Always Civil Enterprise, and the creator of Living Civil bracelets. And her empire doesn’t stop there. She launched her own clothing company Civil Clothing, already touted as one of the best urban wear brands on the market; and she founded a lifestyle property, Living Civil. Oh, and Karen Civil TV, in which she shares exclusive interviews with such rappers as Big Sean, Tyga, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa should also be mentioned. With no doubt Civil is someone who every artidt should want to learn from.

Based in Los Angeles, the civil-living entrepreneur can minimize the existence and importance of a rapper by ignoring him (or her) on her website Karencivil.com, or make him (or her) an overnight sensation by merely mentioning him or her on the website. She also manages the editorial staff at KarenCivil.com.  Indeed, Karen Civil is that hands on.

In the late 2000s, most of the popular urban blogs had already been established. It seemed unlikely that there was place for any fresh faces. But either Karen Civil was not dissuaded by this, or thought she could bring something different to the blogging game. Where there’s will, there’s a civil way. She had interned with some of the biggest radio and music brands in New York, and had made more than a handful of connections with talent and shot-callers in the music world. When rapper Lil Wayne went to serve a jail term, Civil teamed up with web designer Karla Moy to create a website to help the star keep in touch with fans.

Civil had assisted Wayne in keeping his brand intact. Now, the Brooklyn-born, Elizabeth, New Jersey-raised gal wanted very much to bring her own venture to life. She knew one of the primary principles of starting a business: start with what you already know and have a passion for. She knew she loved music, especially hip-hop…and she had some contacts  Civil decided she wanted to build her own brand. There were several highly-trafficked hip-hop blogs, but none were helmed by a female. She turned on the ignition on KarenCivil.com and has been driving on the success highway ever since, landing on Black Enterprise’s Top Blogger list, and most recently being whisked by Dr. Dre to head the social media of his headphone brand Beats by Dre. When big conferences want an expert on their panels, Karen Civil is one of the first names that pop into their heads.

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