Shanti Das Talks the Importance of Networking


We all remember the prime eras of Hip Hop when artists like Outkast, TLC, Usher & even Lyfe Jennings were at the peak of their careers.  However, we must remember that the person behind the scenes is often times the most essential player responsible for the majority of these successes. As a formal re-introduction, and a prime example of the behind the scenes hard hitter who just makes things happen, Shanti Das,  has made her presence, as well as her purpose known since the birth of hip hop, not to mention with some of the legends who paved the way. Back in the 90s and the early 2000s, Shanti Das was the go to as far as entertainment marketing and promotions, in which she created campaigns in order to achieve more of a fan base and revenue in general for artists. In addition, Das created platforms for artists like “Atl Live on the Park” in which showcases cities favorite R & B artists on a live stage.

Due to her success, and upon her return to the industry, Shanti Das is now able to take a different approach, yet still influence the masses. In 2016, Das wrote and published the book “The 1,2,3s of Networking”. Even more recently, Das is the head of her own College Chatroom Tour in which she gives ensight on how to reach the urban youth culture, and sharing experiences and advice from her twenty plus years in the business. Even better, Das offers a 5 for 5 Student spotlight and shadowing opportunities at different colleges.

Among the various tips Das shares in her book, the 2 P’s hit home the most for me!

Perseverance:  “You got to be willing to stick it out. Things aren’t going to happen. You’re not going to get that job right when you want it. You might put in 100 resumes, so I tell the young generation, like intern. A lot of companies come back around that want hire people that worked for them previously. So you just got to hang in there. You got to be great at networking. You can’t be afraid of hearing no, because to me no means let me find another way around to the yes, and that’s being able to have perseverance and stick in their to you fulfill your dreams.”

 Professionalism: “Return your emails. Call people back. Be a woman of integrity. Be a man or woman of your word. Know how to carry yourself. You got a job to do, DO IT! You know you talked about hanging out with the artists.. like it’s cool to befriend these artists but you there to get a job done. Don’t worry about trying to be their best friend. You’re going to get burnt. These artist respect you, but they need you there to help them with their careers. They don’t need you there to be their homeboy. They got a crew for that.”

Positioning:  Show up with a purpose. When you go into a room don’t just get there and hang out. Don’t stay in the corner. You know walk around, network, move around. Don’t be afraid to work the room. Play your position. Don’t just go there to hang out!

There is so much truth and value to the advice Das gives not only just for women, but for anybody who does or is going to work in the entertainment industry.

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