Help Build A Little Library

Join the campaign to improve literacy amongst our communities with #BuildALittleFreeLibrary on April 9th!

As a mission and effort to improve literacy amongst African American/Latino children. partners with UmojaLife, Sticking2Positivity, Project Smirk and Red Diamonds Management to host a book pantry to help Build a “Little Free Library”. The library will be chartered by Little Free Library with whom already has hundreds of locations in the Atlanta area. Organizers are asking for donations for building materials/supplies and food, and new & used multi-cultural children’s books.

Ashley Watson Founder of Perfectly Black Book Clubs says, “I felt particularly compelled to give back and do as much as I can to help such a great cause. Build a Little Free Library is trying to improve our youth and give kids a safe place to learn and develop: and that’s were I think true change begins.”

Wondering how you can help support this cause? Donations can be made on  Although monetary contributions are greatly appreciated organizers are asking the community to simply spread the word.

Watson says, “We understand that everyone can not provide a financial contribution but more than anything we want to raise awareness and need to improve literacy in our homes and community. There are plenty of ways to help one is to simply tell some one.”


  • Download the 11×17 #BuildALittleFreePantry poster (PDF and jpeg),
  • Or contact us to pick up some beautiful hard copies distributed by our partners in cities across the U.S..
  • Circulate posters in your networks far and wide, including posting in your community, campus, organization, local storefronts, place of worship, etc.
  • Spread the word!

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