Aside from the occasional horror stories, receiving contracts and backing from major record labels is ideal and a dream come true for many up-and-coming musicians. Though success is contingent on the product and person whether they sign indie or with a major label, there are things to consider particularly when choosing to sign with a major label. A few pros (which are no-brainers in many cases) with a major label would be that such a label could offer better financial backing into one’s career and brand (as far as promotions, studio time and recording, video shoots, etc.), they also offer more connections to network within the entertainment industry and with various public figures and media outlets.

Carnes, C.(2017). Cards B posing during 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards.

In recent years, we’ve all become familiar with Cardi B. The Bronx-born rapper, has gone from stripper to social media sensation, to reality tv starlet on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: New York. Her stardom continues to expand, as her sense of humor has crept into many Americans heart’s, Cardi B’s mixtapes have been well received and she recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records. Although rising to fame most notably from her stint on reality television, this opportunity with Atlantic has given her leeway to call it quits with L&HH and all of it’s ratchetness, and to fully focus on her music. “She [Cardi]  wants to focus on music and be taken serious. It’s hard for her to do that with all the drama she’s involved in on the show.” A major record deal can even afford a reality tv star with a following of 6 million new opportunities, by expanding the fan base and exposure. Since signing with Atlantic, Cardi B has been a guest on Dr. Oz, she has landed a recurring role on BET’s hit  drama Being Mary Jane, and she’s had guest appearances on game show, Hip Hop Squares. Cardi has been quite busy, as she’s also touring her latest project, Gangsta B*tch Vol. 2. So no matter, one’s beginnings or popularity, a contract with a major record label can absolutely be effective in creating and catapulting one’s stardom.

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