Umoja Life : 2017 Freedom Parade

The Umoja Life 2017 Freedom Parade is an annual celebration of heritage, culture and history. The festival provides a variety of events and family activities in remembrance of the emancipation of African Americans in 1865. Attendees can watch the vibrant parade featuring dozens of community walking groups, marchers and performers or enjoy a variety of music and dance performances from local artists at the parade. The parade took place on July 1st in the historical Edgewood Ave area of Atlanta,Ga. Parade goers where entertained with featured henna artists, hair stylists, local musicians , food vendors, jewelry makers, visual artists and a host of chefs and culinary artists providing samples of tasty soul food.

Long time parade attendee Marsha Brooks says, “ I come out and bring my kids every year. I feel as though its important to recognize this celebration as African American people just as we do any other holiday. Plus coming out here and partaking in the activities gives me a since of pride for my culture and I want my kids to experience the same thing.”

With this event Umoja Life helps promote celebrates one of the greatest events that occurred in America’s history, the abolishment of slavery. The main emphasis is on commemorating our ancestors and acknowledging 150-plus years of achievements. We recognize our biggest achievements as always being our newest generations, full of promise and opportunity. The Umoja Life one-day black history Freedom Parade and a Juneteenth black history parade that invites entries from the Southeastern United States, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands.

Shunte Dennis one of the founders of Umoja Life states, “We’re going all out to promote family and community unity, children’s activities, genealogy research, black-owned-businesses, speakers, the arts and much more.”

For more more updates regarding Umoja Life future events and how to donate be sure to follow @UmojaLife on Instagram. You can also check here to check out more footage and photos of the festival.

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