Local Highschool Raise Canned Foods for Hurricane Victims

Record-breaking natural disasters  have struck our country consecutively over the past month. Countless amounts of families have been effected and counting; with overwhelming amounts of homes,cars and  properties dismantled   by these disasters it has become more apparent than ever the need to stand united as a people.

In a time such as this where our nations need the help and support of each other the most, Fulton County El Toro Highschool and local county food banks  are doing their part and extending a helping hand. On Sept 30th  El Toro Highschool partnered with the network of food banks and hosted a canned food drive parade. The parade/drive was organized in hopes of reaching a goal of sending 80,000 food items and supplies to those affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane  Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Student organizer and high school FBLA president Ashley Williams stated, “Today, we are focused not only on supporting communities impacted by disasters — but we also represent unification and know that the rebuilding starts with helping each other.”

Ashley’s statement may be true enough in regards to it being left up to citizens to help one another as over the weekend, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz  expressed devastaion in the federal governments lack to assistance  stating,”You have to remember this isn’t six days since Maria,” Cruz said. “We have had 13 or 14 days from Irma and Maria, so there are people that have had no food and no water in 14 days.” With the hurricanes hitting back to back resources have lacked and are not getting to effected communities quick enough.  CNN reported  on Sept 27 ” Fewer FEMA personnel are in place. Grassroots donations from fellow Americans are much smaller. The US territory still remains without power.”

El Toro students wishes  to help as many people as possible throughout these devastating times and have already connected with organizers in effected areas to provide as much as assistance as possible.

Lead staff organizer Tiffany Leak says, ” I am just overwhelmed in the amount of participation from the students and too see them actually excited about the changing they are making is heartwarming. ”

As of Saturday evening, El Toro Highschool reported to have collected  over 86,000 canned food items and supplies for Hurricane relief efforts, and that number is expected to grow as they continue to collect items through out the fall semester.

We hope to provide you with more updates on the El Toro Highschool food drives effort as soon as they are available.

Please consider making a donation to hurricane relief efforts. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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