About CiaraMonet


I hope these words reach you in great spirits! If you are here, obviously it’s because you want to know more about me or my blog. And to be quite honest, my blog and I are pretty much the same thing!

We go hand in hand, lol.

I am a college student, intern, blogger and entrepreneur with a AWESOME growing business this blog being it. I’ve interned for many corporations in Atlanta such as Manheim, StateFarm , HipHop Weekly magazine and non-profit organization College Girls Rock.  I plan and help facilitate creative visuals as well as consult with millennials like you and me on ways to build their brand.

DSC_0022At only 24, with all the experience that I have, I am still pursuing my masters degree for New Media Journalism at Full Sail University. Sounds pretty cool right?

So with that being said… if you are still reading (I Hope!!!), Every now and again I will be sharing jewels on how to land internships, branding/marketing tips that can save you and make you money.

Hopefully in this process, you can learn, grow, take some things away and share your own personal stories with me… I’d love to share!

All in all, thank you for being here. You could be reading any other blog or snapchatting your thumb away, but you are here, reading and ready to get lost in this blog right with me 🙂

Thank you!!

So if you are a striving millennial looking for a blog created specifically for you, your questions, answers and needs? You are in the right place.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or submissions, we all have a story and we must strive to inspire.

My email: info.ciaramonet@gmail.com

Be Sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ciaramonet_.