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Atlanta Rapper Miroj Teases Fans with New Project Release

Atlanta artist Miroj hints release of new project
Atlanta artist Miroj hints release of new project

If there was ever a rapper to exemplify the new wave in hip-hop, it’s Miroj. The ATL rhymer with his southern swag and down to earth personality has exploded onto the rap scene in the last year. It almost seems like he came out of nowhere. Thanks to strategic management and more importantly, a rabid Internet fandom, Miroj has created a name for himself and the hottest up and coming artist ffrom the south.

When Miroj tweeted a provocative political statement of an mixtape promotional trailer earlier this week, a lot of people assumed his new project was coming soon. They weren’t paranoid: Last night, Miroj surprisingly released a fresh song called On the Way, his first song release since project since his 2014 song entitled Martial ArtsMiroj tweets the eleven-track project has zero features; which is unusual for a artist who have been featured on a number of other independent artist projects such as Phresh Ali, Clay James, Southern Playaz and King Jai. The On the Way release comes after the artist came out of hiding for his latest feature on Domani debut of “Black Lives Matter,” a single dedicated to the recent tragedies in todays justice system.

We caught up with indie artist to discuss his recent plans in the music industry and what’s been the hold up on his latest project. Miroj says, “Its important for me to take the adequate amount of time to create music that no one else is creating. I want people to turn on the radio and undeniably know that hey that’s Miroj.”

Although, Miroj has not announced an official release date fans are still quite hopefully that the smooth lyricist will continue to make more releases and announcement within the next few weeks. For more information on the latest and greatest Miroj news be sure to follow him on all social media networks @Miroj_Satie.

Indie Spotlight Presents: Sneakyy

“Sneaky poses on railroad tracks in his hometown for his highly anticipated mixtape Sneakyy Kool,Humble and Focused Mixtape which is set to be released at the top of the fall. (AP Photo/Ciara Carnes)
“Sneaky poses on railroad tracks in his hometown for his highly anticipated mixtape Sneakyy Kool,Humble and Focused Mixtape which is set to be released at the top of the fall. (AP Photo/Ciara Carnes)

Since T.I. and Young Jeezy burst onto the hip-hop scene, the spotlight has been placed on Atlanta, which has quietly been producing a handful of serious young talent. Young artists like Migos, 21 Savage, Yung Thug, Kodak and Veto, plus more, are making waves of their own. Another MC that’s starting to see his name become bigger is Sneakyy.

Sneakyy, the Arkansas native, meshes hip-hop and dance together to make music that will make you bounce, plus provide you with some traditional southern lyrical content. The 26-year-old’s style is perfect for today’s sing-song rap style yet he manages to find his own sound. After releasing a string of singles from his recently released mixtape Kool, Humble & Focused , Sneakyy has extended his fan base beyond East Point, Ga.

“It was dope, niggas were knowing the words, it wasn’t too big of a room but it ended up filling out,” Sneakyy told us a few days after he performed early in the spring a FAMU . “This was my first time ever being in Florida, so to be performing here really was a blessing and overall a dope expeierience.”

Sneakyy at 3MG studios in Atlanta,Ga recording Fake Free with Trackwriterz (AP Photo/Ciara Carnes)
Sneakyy at 3MG studios in Atlanta,Ga recording Fake Free with Trackwriterz (AP Photo/Ciara Carnes)


Trackwriterz(KP, Pierre andTuck) and Sneakyy in 3MG Studio's in Altanta Georgia working on their collaborative mixtape Fake Free (AP Photo/Ciara Carnes)
Trackwriterz(KP, Pierre andTuck) and Sneakyy in 3MG Studio’s in Altanta Georgia working on their collaborative mixtape Fake Free (AP Photo/Ciara Carnes)

Now with a growing fan base and excellent work ethic, Sneakyy is quickly working on releasing his new project this month. “I finished the last songs [on my project] I’m working with Trackwriterz, who are based in Atlanta too,” he said. His collaboration album with Trackwriterz titled Fake Free is releasing on December 22. We caught up with Sneakyy to learn about his forthcoming plans for this summer.

Name: Sneakyy

Age: 26

Hometown: Arkansas

Resides: Atlanta

I grew up listening to: “I grew up listening to] hella rap music, like so much rap music. My dad was a the cool guy around town he pretty much knew everybody and would ride around Arkansas in his old school impala listening to music 24/7. I used to do band when I move to Georgia in middle school a lot and and audio production and I just got sick of being in class, everything he’s teaching me I’m going back in the crib and doing it for myself, so I might as well do that. So I started taking music seriously. When I was maybe, 15, 16, my sister got me a microphone for Christmas and I got an old white MacBooks. I would just put it together on Garageband and just record to every beat I can download. I didn’t start taking myself seriously ‘till four or five years ago. I was doing like little Mediafire links on MySpace and Facebook. And I had music MySpace with like 50 something songs. All I would do is record for songs a day and upload it at night.”

Most people don’t know: “I eat a lot of sushi and I used to ride bikes a lot but now I don’t. But I pretty much eat a lot of sushi.”

My style’s been compared to: “People have compared me to a lot. Some people say Migos but I don’t really see that. Someone said Quavo and I didn’t see that at all. Someone on Twitter said if like Future and Migos had a baby it would be Sneakyy and I was like, ‘I’ll take that. I don’t know if I would compare myself to anything or anyone. But my sound is real feel good music. Not even really hip-hop but just some kind of contemporary version of hip-hop that’s got like a lot of really pop and dance undertones.”


Sneakyy is at Bad Boy South Headquarters waiting patiently before he inks his record deal (AP Photo/Ciara Carnes)
Sneakyy is at Bad Boy South Headquarters waiting patiently before he inks his record deal (AP Photo/Ciara Carnes)

My standout records or moments to date have been: “I put out this song ‘Out My Face’ featuring Rich Home Quan last year. At the time I put out like three songs because for a while I was hella inactive. So I put out different sounding records to see what’s going to be the bigger one. That one skyrocketed. I was like, ‘oh shit, people are fucking with me.’ I started to see it trickle over into my other socials and people were trying to book me for shows because of that one song. That songs entire run lead to me to where I am now, which is inking my deal with Bad Boy.”

My goal in hip-hop is: “To make it better, kind of just encourage people to take their time and be themselves. I’m not trying to be no body or sound like nobody where everybody is the poor’s man version of whoever. I say that out load because I’m just trying to be completely transparent of who I am and encourage to do the same. Be you.”

Sneakyy poses for the camera at Bad Boy South headquarters in Atlanta,GA (AP Photo/Ciara Carnes)
Sneakyy poses for the camera at Bad Boy South headquarters in Atlanta,GA (AP Photo/Ciara Carnes)

Follow Sneakyy on Twitter and Soundcloud.

D. Best Set to Release Best Wishes Ep

D.Best Best Wishes Ep photoshoot
D.Best Best Wishes Ep photoshoot

Party With the Kid” rapper D.Best will now have a second project to add to his catalog entitled  Best Wishes. “I really apologize for the wait,” the Atlanta rapper said in a Snapchat video on Wednesday night [June 1], “but Best Wishes the Ep will be dropping Friday, July 2nd .” A series of videos on his Snapchat story also featured snippets of the music. Word of the mixtape’s release came mid-April, when Best informed us via Twitter his management wouldn’t let him release his EP until next year. “They’re not allowing me to release another project until January, f*** it Best Wishes,” he said in a tweet. It looks like the project has finally come to fruition and it’ll really be released this July.

Head of artist management at Red Diamonds Darius Jackson says, “the Red Diamonds team decided to go head and invest in pushing this project regardless of what the label No Genre was willing to push it or not.”


I linked with the Aurora native before he took stage at Tabernacle for Hot 107.9 Annual Birthdaybash before his premiere performance of his lead single of the  project called “UberEverywhere”. Best released the single via soundcloud and itunes earlier this month and it has already set fire to Atlanta airwaves playing on Hot 107.9, Streetz 94.5 and V-103.


D.Best tells us that the same amount of work and dedication he’s previously put into his mixtapes, he’s put into Best Wishes. The versatile musicians says, “I’m relentless at making sure that my music is good music.” He also revealed that he doesn’t have a set-in-stone recording process. Sometimes, some aspects of his songs come before others, while at other times he let’s the music take him where he needs to go. But one thing is for sure, he always goes all out when it comes to creating new music. Best says, “When I’m making music, I don’t really have a recording process. Sometimes I may come up with the hooks and the verses before I find a beat. Sometimes I let the music take me away, and that’s just always been my recording process. I go in, I put 100% into everything that I do.”


D.Best musical mentor E.A. Jace who is the co-founder of No Days Off Radio credits D.Best success to his ability to connect with previous legends and translate there qualities in something the newer generation can understand.

Chicago native lays it all out on Best Wishes Ep
Chicago native lays it all out on Best Wishes Ep

Influenced by many greats, such as Nas, Biggie, Andre 3000 and Jay Z Best is claiming his mark as a dynamic southern lyricist with his latest feature on  Sneakyy’s single “Dats My Dawg”. D.Best creates a hardcore 16 bar freestyle verse about his relationships with other artist in the hip hop industry.


After getting a sneak preview of the project during an intimate listening session E.A Jace. says, “this is a classic piece of art work that I think will bring something different to the rap game. I’ve watched him out his blood, sweat and tears into this project and I think the streets will love it.”


With D.Best reaching a new cusp of his career it looks like he is definitely someone to keep your ears open to. You can follow D.Best on all social media platforms @D.BEST360.

Kota Santez Performs The Anthem On the Record

Chicago native Kota Santez premiered his latest single, live on  “At 16 years old ,Kota Santez’s future started to take shape as he began writing and rapping consistentlyhile attending school at Cedar Grove High School. Kota says, “ That’s when I realized I had something great for the world to hear.” From that point on ,he began to cultivate his talents.

Influenced by many greats, such as Nas, Biggie, Andre 3000 and Jay Z,Kota Santez is nothing less of a soulful rapper with a passion for creating dope lyrics. In his latest single “K to the Izzo also referred to as “Kota Santez creates a feel good tune but also delivers a strong message about promoting social consciousness. Kota says, “ I wanted to make a song that you can listen to at anytime because “it has such good energyut still gives the people something to think about.”  Riding the up tempo beat with a melodic hook, Kota sure knows how to creates positive vibrations.

“Before Kota premiered his song to one of the toughest indie crowds in Atlanta through On the Record, he was nervous. His nerves stemmed from the show’s reputation for having well-informed audiences.”

On the Record has been a staple in the indie music scene for the past 3 years and has been credited as the underground 106 & Park. Hosted by Chianexo and Amani every other Wednesday, the show gives the audience as chance to engage in social conversations and enjoy live sets from some of Atlanta’s most promising up-and-coming stars.

Backed by a full band Third Shift Generation,Kota began to look at ease as he showed off his latest lyrical masterpiece. The addition of the band really gave the performances a nice vibe and intensity. Santez hopes the band will join him during his performance at the All Three Coast music festival this coming fall.

After getting a lot of buzz his “that was released last year, Kota decided  to give his fans something new in 2016 with his new self-tilted mixtape “Kota Santez”. Hosted by Atlanta DJ’s DJ Iceberg DJ Grady, the new mixtape continues the theme of Kota’s soulful melodic sound” and it’s safe to safe to say after this performance that this tape will be something worth listening to The tape even features artists like Miroj, Breezy Castilleo and Nino Blaq.

Tinashe Sells Out Center Stage


Tinashe kicks off 2016 Joyride world tour.
Tinashe kicks off 2016 Joyride world tour.

Last night March 19, 2016 Tinashe ‘Joyride World Tour’ made it’s way to the legendary Center Stage venue in Atlanta, where she performed in front of a sold out crowd of ecstatic fans in Atlanta. The room was filled with high energy, excitement and an amazing vibrent stage design. Fans sang along word for word and danced all night as Tinashe performed tracks from her first studio album “Aquarius” and debuted songs from her up and coming album “Joyride”. The multi-talented entertainer boosted her popularity after performing a long side Ciara and Jason Derulo for a Janet Jackson tribute during the 2015 Bet Awards.  With this Joyride tour and album Tinashe shows her evolution in career and her artistry. Unlike her previous tours Tinashe recruited a new team of dancers and includes a number of set and wardrobe changes throughout the show.

Joyride world tour stop in Atlanta marks the 16th stop on her 48 show run. In efforts to build anticipation for Joyride, Tinashe has also released two singles including “Party Favors,” featuring Young Thug, and “Player ” featuring her labelmate Chris Brown.The Los Angeles native also collaborated with pop music producers Max Martin and Dr. Luke for the Joyride project which will help push her to a mainstream audience. Tinashe Joyride World Tour is the songstress first time headlining her own tour. Last year Tinashe toured the North America as a opening act on Nicki Manji’s “Pink Print Tour“ a long side Dej Loaf, Rae  Sremmurd, and Meek Mills as well as a opening act for Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour.

Check out a this behind the scenes video of the Tinashe’s Joyride tour during her New York show below:

For more information on how to purchase your tickets to see Tinashe when she comes to a city near you please visit