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Cheaux Love and No Genre Label Host Back 2 School Bash

Cheaux Love and No Genre Label host 2017 Back to School Bash for inner city youth.

To gear up for the 2017 school year, Cheaux Love teamed up with No Genre Label to host its 1st Annual Back to School Bash. The Bash started off with Cheaux Love sponsored Literacy Walk at 9 a.m. 701 E. Main St. to promote literacy in the inner city community. At the end of the two mile walk the gates were opened to a completely free back to school celebration open to the public.

The event was filled with inflatables for kids and teens as well as a host of vendors from government organizations and local vendors. Through out the park organizers and sponsors were stationed to service to the community offering health screenings and providing information for students and parents on educational programs in the community, lunch programs and even after school programs. Each present child received backpacks filled with various school supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, notebooks and other necessary school-related items. Local non-profit organization Project Smile provided each family in attendance with care baskets full of household items, non perishable lunch items and hygiene products.

No Genre Label president Joshua Myers said they participated because, “It is important to help our children further their education during the 2017-2018 school year, to remind them that we believe each child is the seed of brighter future and to connect teachers with the parents to show that.”

According to       , community involvement helps improves children behavior and academic success.  Although not required principals from surrounding schools encouraged teachers to come out and meet  their students and students’ parent in a non formal setting to build parent/teacher relationships.


For more information on No Genre Label and Cheaux Love upcoming community events please be sure to follow both on social media @LabelNoGenre and @Cheaux Love.

Umoja Life : 2017 Freedom Parade

The Umoja Life 2017 Freedom Parade is an annual celebration of heritage, culture and history. The festival provides a variety of events and family activities in remembrance of the emancipation of African Americans in 1865. Attendees can watch the vibrant parade featuring dozens of community walking groups, marchers and performers or enjoy a variety of music and dance performances from local artists at the parade. The parade took place on July 1st in the historical Edgewood Ave area of Atlanta,Ga. Parade goers where entertained with featured henna artists, hair stylists, local musicians , food vendors, jewelry makers, visual artists and a host of chefs and culinary artists providing samples of tasty soul food.

Long time parade attendee Marsha Brooks says, “ I come out and bring my kids every year. I feel as though its important to recognize this celebration as African American people just as we do any other holiday. Plus coming out here and partaking in the activities gives me a since of pride for my culture and I want my kids to experience the same thing.”

With this event Umoja Life helps promote celebrates one of the greatest events that occurred in America’s history, the abolishment of slavery. The main emphasis is on commemorating our ancestors and acknowledging 150-plus years of achievements. We recognize our biggest achievements as always being our newest generations, full of promise and opportunity. The Umoja Life one-day black history Freedom Parade and a Juneteenth black history parade that invites entries from the Southeastern United States, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands.

Shunte Dennis one of the founders of Umoja Life states, “We’re going all out to promote family and community unity, children’s activities, genealogy research, black-owned-businesses, speakers, the arts and much more.”

For more more updates regarding Umoja Life future events and how to donate be sure to follow @UmojaLife on Instagram. You can also check here to check out more footage and photos of the festival.


Aside from the occasional horror stories, receiving contracts and backing from major record labels is ideal and a dream come true for many up-and-coming musicians. Though success is contingent on the product and person whether they sign indie or with a major label, there are things to consider particularly when choosing to sign with a major label. A few pros (which are no-brainers in many cases) with a major label would be that such a label could offer better financial backing into one’s career and brand (as far as promotions, studio time and recording, video shoots, etc.), they also offer more connections to network within the entertainment industry and with various public figures and media outlets.

Carnes, C.(2017). Cards B posing during 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards.

In recent years, we’ve all become familiar with Cardi B. The Bronx-born rapper, has gone from stripper to social media sensation, to reality tv starlet on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: New York. Her stardom continues to expand, as her sense of humor has crept into many Americans heart’s, Cardi B’s mixtapes have been well received and she recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records. Although rising to fame most notably from her stint on reality television, this opportunity with Atlantic has given her leeway to call it quits with L&HH and all of it’s ratchetness, and to fully focus on her music. “She [Cardi]  wants to focus on music and be taken serious. It’s hard for her to do that with all the drama she’s involved in on the show.” A major record deal can even afford a reality tv star with a following of 6 million new opportunities, by expanding the fan base and exposure. Since signing with Atlantic, Cardi B has been a guest on Dr. Oz, she has landed a recurring role on BET’s hit  drama Being Mary Jane, and she’s had guest appearances on game show, Hip Hop Squares. Cardi has been quite busy, as she’s also touring her latest project, Gangsta B*tch Vol. 2. So no matter, one’s beginnings or popularity, a contract with a major record label can absolutely be effective in creating and catapulting one’s stardom.

Power of Baking Soda

Carnes, C.(2016). Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda


In the fascinating world of Pinterest and Buzzfeed videos, we’ve all been somewhat inspired to become Do-It-Yourself task masters, turning curiosity into sheer creativity – be it with food, crafts, decor, or any random thing one could think of. Today, the topic will be baking soda. Baking soda we all know as a random refrigerator staple, neutralizing odors or perhaps to use every so often while brushing your teeth to become an even more pearly white.

A few years ago, my mom had a bout with breast cancer (and survived), which made me look at everything a little differently. Your skin is the the body’s largest organ, so it’s important to be mindful of the products you use on it. There have been many theories and conspiracies over the years linking antiperspirants to breast cancer, and though no definitive study has proven this, it helps to be a bit more conscious.

An aluminum-based compound is the active ingredient in antiperspirants, and it’s the one ingredient that’s most often connected with antiperspirant worries. While perusing the feminine care and hygiene aisles, I noted that the use and amounts of aluminum were pretty high, especially considering the speculations floating around. Which prompted me to discard my paraben and aluminum-filled deodorants and take a more unconventional, holistic approach. I researched and was surprised to find a simple recipe with items I already had at home. Four tablespoons of baking soda, four tablespoons of cornstarch, six tablespoons of coconut oil, and a couple drops of lavender essential oil. Mix, brew it on the stove for a while, add to an empty or old deodorant case, leave in refrigerator to harden, and voila! My little “secret” works the same, smells just as good, and is a healthier alternative than clogging up your pores with added estrogen from chemicals and parabens (in the name of keeping odors and sweat away.)

Help Build A Little Library

Join the campaign to improve literacy amongst our communities with #BuildALittleFreeLibrary on April 9th!

As a mission and effort to improve literacy amongst African American/Latino children. partners with UmojaLife, Sticking2Positivity, Project Smirk and Red Diamonds Management to host a book pantry to help Build a “Little Free Library”. The library will be chartered by Little Free Library with whom already has hundreds of locations in the Atlanta area. Organizers are asking for donations for building materials/supplies and food, and new & used multi-cultural children’s books.

Ashley Watson Founder of Perfectly Black Book Clubs says, “I felt particularly compelled to give back and do as much as I can to help such a great cause. Build a Little Free Library is trying to improve our youth and give kids a safe place to learn and develop: and that’s were I think true change begins.”

Wondering how you can help support this cause? Donations can be made on  Although monetary contributions are greatly appreciated organizers are asking the community to simply spread the word.

Watson says, “We understand that everyone can not provide a financial contribution but more than anything we want to raise awareness and need to improve literacy in our homes and community. There are plenty of ways to help one is to simply tell some one.”


  • Download the 11×17 #BuildALittleFreePantry poster (PDF and jpeg),
  • Or contact us to pick up some beautiful hard copies distributed by our partners in cities across the U.S..
  • Circulate posters in your networks far and wide, including posting in your community, campus, organization, local storefronts, place of worship, etc.
  • Spread the word!