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D. Best Set to Release Best Wishes Ep

D.Best Best Wishes Ep photoshoot
D.Best Best Wishes Ep photoshoot

Party With the Kid” rapper D.Best will now have a second project to add to his catalog entitled  Best Wishes. “I really apologize for the wait,” the Atlanta rapper said in a Snapchat video on Wednesday night [June 1], “but Best Wishes the Ep will be dropping Friday, July 2nd .” A series of videos on his Snapchat story also featured snippets of the music. Word of the mixtape’s release came mid-April, when Best informed us via Twitter his management wouldn’t let him release his EP until next year. “They’re not allowing me to release another project until January, f*** it Best Wishes,” he said in a tweet. It looks like the project has finally come to fruition and it’ll really be released this July.

Head of artist management at Red Diamonds Darius Jackson says, “the Red Diamonds team decided to go head and invest in pushing this project regardless of what the label No Genre was willing to push it or not.”


I linked with the Aurora native before he took stage at Tabernacle for Hot 107.9 Annual Birthdaybash before his premiere performance of his lead single of the  project called “UberEverywhere”. Best released the single via soundcloud and itunes earlier this month and it has already set fire to Atlanta airwaves playing on Hot 107.9, Streetz 94.5 and V-103.


D.Best tells us that the same amount of work and dedication he’s previously put into his mixtapes, he’s put into Best Wishes. The versatile musicians says, “I’m relentless at making sure that my music is good music.” He also revealed that he doesn’t have a set-in-stone recording process. Sometimes, some aspects of his songs come before others, while at other times he let’s the music take him where he needs to go. But one thing is for sure, he always goes all out when it comes to creating new music. Best says, “When I’m making music, I don’t really have a recording process. Sometimes I may come up with the hooks and the verses before I find a beat. Sometimes I let the music take me away, and that’s just always been my recording process. I go in, I put 100% into everything that I do.”


D.Best musical mentor E.A. Jace who is the co-founder of No Days Off Radio credits D.Best success to his ability to connect with previous legends and translate there qualities in something the newer generation can understand.

Chicago native lays it all out on Best Wishes Ep
Chicago native lays it all out on Best Wishes Ep

Influenced by many greats, such as Nas, Biggie, Andre 3000 and Jay Z Best is claiming his mark as a dynamic southern lyricist with his latest feature on  Sneakyy’s single “Dats My Dawg”. D.Best creates a hardcore 16 bar freestyle verse about his relationships with other artist in the hip hop industry.


After getting a sneak preview of the project during an intimate listening session E.A Jace. says, “this is a classic piece of art work that I think will bring something different to the rap game. I’ve watched him out his blood, sweat and tears into this project and I think the streets will love it.”


With D.Best reaching a new cusp of his career it looks like he is definitely someone to keep your ears open to. You can follow D.Best on all social media platforms @D.BEST360.